Seal’n Cook is the industry in the service of home cooking


So Why Seal’n Cook ?

Since too few people know about the wide range of modern ways to optimize cooking.

We believe that these new techniques need to be available to everybody.

Cooking techniques are constantly evolving and now you can use them all in your kitchen.

Seal’n Cook is a cross between a pot and a food container, and comes with a set of instructions as easy to follow as those of store-bought prepared meals.

Seal’n Cook was bornout of the desire to share the expertise of the food industry with home cooks.


Many Modern Cooking Methods

Microwave, crockpots, sous vide cooking: modern kitchens use a wide variety of techniques.

We have designed the Seal ’n Cook system so that you can use all traditional and modern techniques safely and in a highly versatile way.

There are many methods of cooking vacuum-packed food, whether in the microwave, boiling water or sous vide.


Versatility of uses

Seal’n Cook is the only bag that is certified for such a wide array of uses.

You will find freezer bags, cooking bags, bags for the microwave and boiling. Seal ’n Cook lets you use all of these safely!

An easy to follow set of instructions will guide you in your meal preparation.

Tired of washing so many pots and pans? Well, with SNC, you won’t have to because there are so many other ways to prepare food with this bag!

Want to find out more about the different ways to use Seal ’n Cook Here


Who is behind Seal'n Cook ?

The designer of Seal'n Cook is Duropac, a Canadian family-owned vacuum food packaging for 25 years now. 

We have decided to share our know-how by creating a high quality and perfectly safe product to allow the general public to use modern cooking techniques.

Backed by our expertise, Seal ’n Cook guarantees food safety when cooking with the bag in boiling water, microwave or, if you want to be trendy, with sous vide.

For us, the consumer should have access to a safe cooking bag without any health risk and taste deterioration.


All the while, letting the consumers benefit from lower prices.


Considering that food costs represent a big chunk of your budget, Seal ’n Cook believes that everybody should have access to an affordable system that prevents food waste.

That’s why we have designed a bag that allows consumers to safely use all the various modern methods of cooking and storing food.


Our bag approved for :

  • Vacuum packaging(Here)
  • Sous vide cooking (Here)
  • Reheating in the microwave
  • Reheating in boiling water
  • Marinating faster and without making a mess (Here)

Vacuum packaging is the real way to keep your food fresh.

The enemy of most food is ambient air. When in contact with air, foods lose their humidity , oxygen alters their colour and molds and other microorganisms make them spoil.

In order to prevent spoiling, food manufacturers remove all the air when packing the food in a process called vacuum packaging.

On top of protecting food from the effects of air, the package, made from a high-quality material, also protects it from freezer burns that ruin the taste and texture of the food.

This allows the food to be kept 2 to 3 times longer than in a regular food container or a regular zipped bag.

Agri-food businesses use this method because it allows them to deliver fresh food to the consumer. The food also has a longer shelf life which helps to cut down waste.

The same technique industry uses to reduce waste is what we bring to you for your own kitchen.


Great chefs’ favorite cooking method: Sous Vide

Sous vide (pronounced soo veed) is a way of cooking food in a vacuum bag that is immersed in a water bath maintained at an optimal temperature.

First invented by the Europeans, this technique is now used by chefs all over the world to achieve spectacular results. 

Since sous vide equipment is becoming more and more affordable, everybody can now use this method in their kitchen. 

More info on sous vide cooking (Here)

Unique safety and organization system

Who said planning together could only be done with apps?

Thanks to vacuum packaging, food can be kept fresh for months and even years.

Unfortunately, you might not remember whether you have already cooked some food or which cooking method you intended to use when the time came to eat it.

Seal ’n cook now makes it easy to get your message to other members of the family. On every bag, we have included a space where you can indicate the contents and check off which cooking method to use when the time comes.

Mistakes will disappear before they even happen and make it easier for your family to share and work together.

More information on the Seal ’n Cook system (Here)



In order to optimize your experience, we have made sure that our product is compatible with the most widely used vacuum systems.

You can stack low-priced industrial-quality bags without worrying about whether you will be able to use them.

Seal ’n Cook allows you to benefit from vacuum packaging and sous vide cooking at a low price.


Food Safety

Since the general public is unfamiliar with sous vide cooking, people often worry that plastic components might contaminate their food. 

Duropac is well experienced with food safety regulations and has used its expertise with chefs to design a product that follows the highest safety norms.

Our bags have been tested and certified by an outside agency.

All the different uses promote have been independently tested for your safety.

Furthermore, our bags are made from materials free of BPAs, lead or phthalates.

Thanks to this our bags can be used in preparing food for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, infants, and toddlers.


Precautions and warnings (Here)

Since we want you to enjoy your experience to the fullest and without inconvenience, we ensure that you have all the information you need. Certain situations require extra precautions and some foods cannot be stored under vacuum.