Marinating under vacuum

Save time and ingredients when marinating under vacuum.

In a nutshell

With a marinade In a Seal'n Cook Bag, you:
  • Save time,
  • Use fewer ingredients,
  • Save refrigerator space,
  • Avoid fridge odours.
  • Have ready to cook meat handy,
  • Get delicious results!

Did you know that the ideal time to marinate tough cuts of meat can be up to 72 hours?

However, if you use vacuum packaging for marinating, you are optimizing its effects and can thereby reduce marinating time and ingredient quantities.


Because the vacuum effectively pushes ingredients inside the meat, reducing the time needed to get the same result.

Since you are using a sealed bag and not a rigid container, meat will be submerged in the marinade even if you use a very small quantity.

You can therefore reduce the amount of liquid necessary.

But not only that!

Seasonings are also optimized because none of them will evaporate and are all in direct contact with the meat.

With traditional methods, some of the ingredients get lost through evaporation or because of the empty space in the container. With vacuum packaging, everything is used to its full potential so you actually need to reduce the quantities of ingredients in order to achieve the same (better) results.

Vacuum marinating is handy 

Since your marinade is in a sealed bag, you can put it pretty much anywhere in your fridge.
No worries that it might tip over, contaminating other food. No strong onion smells will contaminate your fridge either.

Excellent meals marinated in advance
With Seal'n Cook, you can also marinate your meat when you freeze it after buying it a. You will then have delicious meals that are handy and easy to prepare.

Chicken Marinade
Chicken is a type of protein that doesn’t need to be tenderized so the goal of a marinade is really to give it a great taste. You would need about 6h without vacuum packing but you can keep that down to 1 to 3 hours under vacuum.

Tough cuts of meat (Beef, Pork, Veal, lamb)
In these cases, the main goal of marinating is to tenderize the meat. You could let it marinate for up to 48-72 hours but with sous vide you can reduce that time to about 12-24 hours.

Fish marinade
Don’t marinate fish too long because the acids of the marinade will alter its texture. 15 to 30 minutes will suffice.

Precautions while sealing

Marinade fat can prevent a perfect vacuum.
Be careful while filling the bag. If fat touches the part of the bag where the sealing occurs, your vacuum sealer could have trouble achieving a good seal.
To eliminate this problem, use our bag holder and wipe the bag clean with a damp cloth to remove the fat. Wipe dry with another cloth. The sealing zone must be dry to touch.

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