General Conservation Guidelines for food products

  1. Disclaimers : this table represents a general guidelines. All conservation duration might depend the ingredient the consumer will add to the meat, general meat condition at packing time, meat temperature and many additions factors
  2. IMPORTANT WARNING FOR Fresh fish under vacuum pouches: Raw vacuum-packed fish CANNOT and MUST NOT be stored in the fridge. Packing fish under vacuum and leaving it in the fridge is a very dangerous; Fish and seafood under vacuum MUST be kept in the freezer and as soon as you take it out of the freezer, you must pierce the vacuum packaging to allow it to come in contact with oxygen. 

Reason; Fish and seafood are naturally contaminated with bacteria called clostridium botulinium which is responsible for botulism. This bacteria dies during cooking and cannot develop when fish is in contact with air (oxygen). However, a refrigerated vacuum package makes its development easier.

We recommend that you vacuum package only the fish that you will either freeze immediately or that you know for sure you will eat cooked. When thawing your fish, make sure you open the bag if you don’t want to eat it cooked (smoked salmon for example).