Your Safety and Organization System

Your home-cooked food now comes with a set of instructions.

We have developed a system printed on Seal'n Cook bags to eliminate mistakes and make it easier for everybody in the house to lend a hand with meal prep.

Since your food now keeps for much longer, it is very likely that you will forget whether or not you pre-cooked some food in your freezer.

On Seal'n Cook bags we have included an area where you can write all the details of the contents and how to cook them when the time comes.

You will then be able to know exactly what you have in your bag and how to get it ready to eat.

Have you ever found bags in your freezer without a recognizable shape or color and asked yourself what might be inside?

You thawed it and Surprise! Not a stew but rather a vegetarian spaghetti sauce.Oops.

Sometimes we don’t even bother checking the contents and they land directly in the trash. It was still perfectly good food.

Or we just leave it in the freezer and hope that the issue will somehow resolve itself.

Regain control over your freezer with Seal'n Cook. 

Next time you open your freezer, you will be able to choose the right pack of marinated beef for your next BBQ without any guessing.

We have included separate boxes for Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures because most people aren’t familiar with sous vide cooking temperatures, which might cause mistakes that could lead to health hazards. With Seal'n Cook you won’t make those mistakes.

So, when you want to plan your evening meal, you can take a look in your freezer and determine which dish will be the most appropriate depending on how much time you have and what method is right for you.

It will be easier to get people to help you cook. Cooking for other people is also facilitated because they will know exactly what to do with the food you give them.


Friendly advice: it’s easier to fill in the boxes before you fill the bag.

  • The top section is dedicated to storage.
  • Write the date on which you are packaging your food.
  • Check the box to indicate whether your food is raw, cooked, marinated or other.
  • Use the big white box to write the bag's contents; or use the box to indicate the number of servings, calories, weight or any other information you might need. Vegan food or allergy risks information might be useful to indicate if they apply to your family.
  • You can then fill in the part for cooking methods.
    For example: How do you plan to cook it or reheat it and how much time will it take?
  • If you are using sous vide, you will often need to cook it first and sear it afterward.