Food Vacuum PackagingSmall bag – 6" × 10"

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6'' x 10'' (15,25 x 25,4 cm)
Contains: 1 pint (500 ml)

Technical Specifications

  • Organization and safety system printed on the bag to identify content and cooking method to be used.
  • Bag Thickness: 3,4 mil (86 microns)
  • Printed smooth front / black embossed back
  • Materials include Nylon and polyethylene
  • Food grade
  • Without BPA, lead and phthalates



  • Extended conservation of frozen food (from 1 to 3 years)
  • Extended conservation of refrigerated food (2 to 3 times longer)

Sous vide cooking:

  • 100°C for a maximum of 72h
  • Reheat using sous vide equipment (after initial sous vide cooking and cooling the contents with iced water) at 100°C for 2h

Reheat Food:

  • In the microwave with a pierced/open bag for a maximum of 4 minutes
  • In boiling water for a maximum of 2 hours

Compatible with most vacuum sealers and sous vide equipment available.

Seal'n Cook bags are compatible with most sous-vide and immersion equipment (see partial list at the end of this text).

Approved bags

  • All bags were tested by an independent labs
  • Technical report based on the FDA / Health Canada standard
  • For the optimize results, store all bags under 25oC and with less than 75% humidity.

Partial list of compatible sous-vide and immersion equipments